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Stay Pet

Give Your Furry Friend a Comfortable and Stylish Staycation

Stay Pet Resort ®, in Harmans, Maryland,  redefines the conventional concept of a dog kennel, so much so that we're hesitant to even use that term.

Our facility is thoughtfully crafted to provide a unique experience that prioritizes your pet's well-being and physical activity during their stay. Our expansive artificial turf yards are adorned with tunnels and pools, catering to your pet's exercise and entertainment needs. With comfort and relaxation in mind, your furry companion can unwind to soothing melodies in a luxurious suite or villa.

As an all-inclusive destination, we not only offer a wide range of amenities but also house a Veterinary Hospital for your pets. This means they can indulge in a world of care and attention while you go about your work, travel, or leisure activities.

Convenient Location

Conveniently located near Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), Stay Pet Resort ® stands as the sole dog boarding facility within a five-mile radius. With our extended operational hours, coordinating your travel or work plans from the airport or nearby attractions becomes effortlessly convenient.

Encompassing a spacious area of 17,000 square feet, our resort boasts cutting-edge technology and upscale amenities. These provisions are meticulously designed to guarantee the well-being and comfort of your cherished pet throughout their stay.

Veterinary Care

Stay Pet Veterinary Hospital introduces a concierge service that brings both convenience and comfort to you and your pet's requirements.

With adaptable appointment scheduling, we ensure a fear-free experience for both you and your pet during veterinary visits.

Luxury Boarding

At Stay Pet Resort ®, we foster an interactive and sociable atmosphere, complete with attentive guest attendants who are dedicated to tending to your cherished pet's every requirement.

Within our premises, you'll find opulent suites and personalized villas that come with cozy bedding choices and private outdoor patio spaces. We make it a point to maintain your dog's familiar routine, ensuring plenty of physical activity and even late-night opportunities for outdoor relief.

When you are on vacation, your pet will Stay and Smile!

Stay Pet


Indulge your dog in an authentic spa-like experience within our tailor-made ergonomic tiled tubs, designed for utmost comfort and equipped with wide and easily accessible steps. Each bath session encompasses a moisturizing shampoo and revitalizing conditioning treatment, ensuring a luxurious and refreshing cleanse for your furry companion.


It is always sunny at Stay!

Created just for dogs; we have over 7,000 square feet of indoor play areas and large outdoor artificial turf play yards with tunnels, water features, pools and lounge areas.

We cater to all breeds and sizes of dogs, we care for your beloved pet.


"Stay Fit!" encapsulates our philosophy of establishing a strong and positive bond with your pet through the avenue of positive reinforcement training techniques.

Collaborating with numerous local trainers, we assist you in effectively training and socializing your dog. This way, we ensure a well-rounded approach to your pet's development.

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