Stay Pet

The Luxurious Boarding & Pet Sitting Experience Your Pet Deserves

Stay Pet Resort ® is a hands-on socialized pet resort providing the comforts and amenities of a home while your pet is boarding with us.

Our all inclusive pricing means no additional charges for exercise, meals and bedding.  Boarding includes potty breaks, daily exercise activities, comfortable bedding options, late-night potty breaks (after 9pm), medicine and feedings.

Hugs and kisses always included!

A Fun-Packed Schedule

We want to keep our guests on their home routine which provides a comfortable nights rest.  Their morning starts at 5am and last walk is around 9pm.

In addition to the potty breaks; we include daily activities throughout the day, which provide physical and mental stimulation.

Daily activities include: group socialized play (group daycare), BFF small group play (1-3 friends), and/or private play with attendant. 

We want all guests having fun, active and restful during their stay.

Stay Pet


  • All suites feature tempered glass-front suites.
  • Comfortable hammock-style bedding
  • Meals and medicine*
  • Late-night potty break (9 PM – 10 PM)
  • Complimentary bath after five-night stay*
  • Daily exercise activities included
  • Shared Suite with 2 dogs is: $130 nightly; each additional dog is $57
  • Individual private artificial turf play area
  • Large premium bed and bedding
  • Personal webcam and TV
  • Meals and medicine*
  • Daily exercise activities
  • Late-night potty break (9 PM – 10 PM) and turn down service
  • Complimentary bath after two-night stay*
  • Stay Connected postcard via email
  • Shared Villa with 2 dogs is: $190 nightly; $80 each additional dog

Our large lofts include multiple levels with scratching posts, tree houses, comfy sleeping hammocks, and bedding. Each loft can accommodate two cats (same family) and have separate enclosed litter pans.

Our lofts are nestled in our tree house jungle and activity playground.  All cats get time to play, stretch and climb outside their loft in the room.  We ensure everyone gets playtime with toys and people throughout their stay.

Double Occupancy is $72 a night

We can not board un-neutured male cats or cats who require injectable medicine.

  • We accept: Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Sugar Glider, Hedgehogs, Mice, Rats, & Hamsters
  • We do not board: Reptiles or Snakes
  • Boarding includes: feeding and cleaning of cage
  • Handling outside the cage is limited based on animal and temperament
  • Daily rate is $25 for small animal & birds, $5 additional pet in same cage.
  • Housing Options:
    • $0 charge to bring your cage (must be fully enclosed with no open tops), food, bedding
    • $10 extra per day for use of our cage (guinea pig, ferret, rabbit only) bedding and food
    • $3 per day for fresh veggies
  • Daily rate is $40 for first Ferret and $30 for each additional Ferret in the same house
  • We provide cages and do not accept owner cages
  • Owner provides food and treats
  • Handling outside the cage is limited based on animal and temperament
  • Stay Connected:................$10
    Personalized picture postcard
  • Medicine:......................$5
    Timed or syringe medicine
  • After 12 PM Checkout:..............$30 per dog

* Complimentary bath is a bath only and does not include dematting, brushing, nails, etc.   Long and/or double-coated dogs (i.e: poodle mixes or husky; may have matting or shedding after the bath.  If you do not want your bath, please let us know upon check-in.


* Timed Medicine or Injections are an additional cost


* Checkout is by 12pm the next day.  If staying past 12pm and additional charge of $30 per dog.


* Daycare Package Holders get 10% off nightly Luxury Suite (excludes Villas & extended stays)


* Extended stay over 15 nights gets a 10% discount & 15% over 30 nights


All rates are subject to change without notice


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Do you have any questions about our boarding? Contact us today! You can also see if we have already answered your inquiry on our FAQs page.