Stay Pet

Your Trusted Partner in Pet Health

Stay Pet Veterinary Hospital is committed to looking after your furry pal. The well-being, happiness, and health of your pet is the driving force for our resort and veterinary hospital.

Our goal is to empower every client with knowledge in preventing pet injury and sickness.

We always make sure to be hands-on with your pets and take great pride and joy in caring for them.

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life of your companion through compassion and education.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care for Your Beloved Pet

We have a full-service veterinary hospital and rehabilitation center on site.

Offering everything from routine vaccines to surgery;  you can rely on us for conscientious and convenient care. 


Stay Pet
Stay Pet

A Fear Free & Modern Approach

We've re-imagined the conventional veterinary setting, replacing it with a genuinely cozy, homelike atmosphere for your pet. Our commitment extends to ensuring that your visit, as well as your pet's, is characterized by both comfort and exceptional veterinary attention.

Many of our clients opt for daycare and boarding services, resulting in seamless and effortless visits to our office. This convenience gives clients the flexibility of appointment times.

Scheduled appointments within our client examination room adjacent to our lobby providing a tranquil and secluded space for your pet and doctor visit.

Team Approach to a Health Pet

Our dedicated and trained staff gives a complete and comprehensive approach to your pet’s needs.

From Veterinary Care to the Resort, we uphold our commitment to delivering this distinctive care model with outstanding communication, ensuring the optimal well-being of your pet both now and in the years ahead.

Stay Pet
Stay Pet

Stay Healthy! Concierge Care

Questions and concerns always happen when you least expect it......after hours.

This is a stress that we want to minimize, with the ability to continue to provide care when it is needed most.

Do you have a quick question for the doctor?  With the Stay Healthy! membership you will have the ability to text or call at anytime directly with your veterinarian.  

Our Stay Healthy! membership includes unlimited exams, core vaccines and access to your Stay Pet Team, 24/7. 

What We Offer

  • Wellness Exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Surgery
  • USDA Certified Veterinary
  • Second-Opinion Consultations
  • Oncology
  • Dental Cleaning & Surgery
  • International Health Certification
  • Concierge Care
  • Acupuncture
  • Ultrasound

Online Pharmacy

Stay Pet Veterinary offers a full online pharmacy and shopping experience with comparable pricing to major online retailers.  Our Pharmacy offers quick shipping and weekly specials.

Stay Pet

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If you have any questions about our veterinary and rehabilitation services, reach out to us today.